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As the frontline of Sincerity Health Care, our employees embody our ethos and commitment to the provision of top-tier care. Equally significant are our suppliers, and to ensure transparency, we intentionally keep our supply chain concise for ease of oversight.

Our Commitment
Sincerity Health Care stands unwavering in its mission to detect, prevent, and oversee any risks pertaining to slavery, human trafficking, and forced labour, both within our operations and our supply chain. Such practices are met with absolute zero tolerance in our organisation.

Recognising the severity and significance of this issue, mere words do not suffice. Therefore, we have undertaken the following vital actions to affirm and bolster our commitment:

Modern Slavery Policy: Integrated into our core organisational policies, this document is accessible to every member of our staff, regardless of their designation or location. This policy empowers our employees by providing them with the knowledge to discern modern slavery practices and the protocol to report them.

Management Guidance: Complementing our policy, we have implemented additional instructions for our managerial team. This ensures they are equipped to pinpoint potential issues and guarantees that any reported concerns are addressed appropriately and effectively.

While we take pride in these proactive steps, we acknowledge that they mark just the beginning of our long-term commitment. In the coming months, our focus will remain on strengthening the existing frameworks and consistently evaluating opportunities for further enhancements in our approach against modern slavery.

For more in-depth information on our Modern Slavery Policy, please reach out at infor@sincerityhealthcare.com

Modern Slavery Concerns
Should you have any concerns or suspicions related to modern slavery within Sincerity Health Care or among our suppliers, we urge you to fill out the form below. A dedicated member from our compliance team will be in touch promptly.

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